About Us

The History

How it all begins

The story started a hundred years ago when a Chinese Immigrant Chan Wing came to Malaya and discovered tin ore in a site abandoned by Europeans earlier. Mining in the area left a gaping hole of 2 KM long, 1 KM wide and 200 metres deep. Gradually rain waters began to fill the crevice, and thus was the humble beginning of the two great lakes you see today.

The Journey

The Mines Wellness City is a miracle of man and nature. A unique transformation of the world’s largest open cast tine mine into a wellness city like no other; it is a product of vision and inspiration.

The land has a rich history dating back to 1909 when tin was a precious metal fetching lucrative prices that made Malaysia the largest producer of tin in the world. Mining ceased in 1982 leaving behind a vast stretch of depressions and lakes.

The mining wasteland was then painstakingly transformed into a wellness city, linked by boat cruises for all to enjoy.

Mines Cruises

Water Lift

Explore the spectacular water lift which was developed in 1988 to connect both Mines North & South Lake which were at 7-metre different height levels. It works on hydraulic system to raise or reduce the water level for boats to cruise from one lake to another.

Mines Cruises